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Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2

Description WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 is a high-pressure resistant and strong long-term lubricant which reduces friction and wear for prolonged periods. WEICON Universal Spray-on Grease with MoS2 is...

Adhering Grease Extra Strong

Description WEICON Adhering Grease extra strong is a special lubricant and corrosion protectant even for underwater applications. It provides effective protection against aggressive fluids in maritime applications and in wet...

Spray-On Grease White

Description Spray-on Grease white is a multi-purpose sprayable grease with an outstanding adhering strength and excellent ageing and pressure resistance. The addition of special wear-reducing and corrosion-inhibiting additives allows it...

Spray-on Grease H1

Description WEICON Spray-on Grease H1 is an odourless and tasteless grease that has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. It is high-temperature...