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Rust Converter Liquid

Description WEICON Rust Converter neutralises rust on rusty cast iron and steel surfaces. Rust Converter reliably stops the corrosion process and thus provides a base coat for subsequent surface coatings....

Aluminium Paint

Description Aluminium Paint is used as corrosion protection and for the optical enhancement of metallic surfaces. Upon contact with moisture, aluminium pigments form a dense, almost impermeable oxide layer on...


Description WEICON protective film approved by the German TÜV. It lastingly preserves tools and precision components with a dry and waxy layer. WEICON Corro Protection can be used as safe...

Brushable Zinc Coating

Description WEICON Brushable Liquid Zinc Coating provides active protection against corrosion for all metallic surfaces. With Brushable Liquid Zinc Coating, flaky metal pigments settle parallel to the surface in several,...

Brushable Zinc Paint

Description WEICON Brushable Liquid Zinc Paint is a metal pigment coating used to actively and permanently protect metallic substrates against corrosion. The paint contains highly concentrated and pure spherical (round)...