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Dusmo No.4 Mix Orange Label 20KG

Excellent in managing dirt and dust on virtually all hard-floor surfaces. A soft general purpose mix effective on a range of floors such as wood, thermoplastic, cork and polished surfaces....

Dusmo No.2 Mix Blue Label 20KG

Description Ideal for cleaning unsealed wooden floors in schools & public buildings. A soft mix containing oils and germicides, which is most useful on wooden floors and is often used...

Dusmo No.6 Mix Red Label 20KG

Description A favourite for builders' merchants and dusty warehouses. A more abrasive mix suitable for many floor types in particular for use as part of the final clean up following...

Dusmo No.1 Mix Green Label 20KG

Description Perfect for sweeping up dusty untreated floors in warehouses & construction sites. A moderately abrasive mix particularly suitable for untreated floors such as concrete, wood and asphalt surfaces, often...

Dusmo No.7 Mix Yellow Label 20KG

Description Contains emulsion polish so floor can be buffed to a quality finish. This product can be used on many good quality polished floors and contains a soft non abrasive...