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Collapsible Antistatic Tank Eccotarp ET-A

Description The tank is designed for impounding, transferring or short-term storage of hazardous substances as well as ordinary technical, petroleum and chemical products. It is made of a special antistatic foil...

Eccotarp Collapsible Railway Bund

Description Collapsible spill bund designed for use on railway tracks. The bund is designed to protect the environment, persons and objects from hazardous leaks from trains and other rail vehicles....

Decontamination Spill Bund For Rescue And Emergency Units

Description Collapsible spill bund specially designed to meet the requirements of emergency and rescue units for decontamination of individuals or equipment, as well as for catchment of hazardous materials in...

Multipurpose Spill Berm

Description The spill berm is specially designed for containing leaking hazardous substances in industrial halls. Thanks to its simple structure, which can be assembled in two steps, and the wide...