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micro probe wipes

Micro Probe Wipes. These micro tubs are designed to fit into the user's pocket and incorporates an easy to dispense flip-top lid, containing anti-bacterial Probe Wipes.  Each tub contains 35 wipes. Each...

sanisafe anti-bacterial wipes

SaniSafe Wipes are contained in a QRD, quick release dispenser designed to dispense wipes with controlled release, improved hygiene and reduced waste. They are safe and easy to use and help...

antibacterial surface wipes carton of 50

These convenient, single sachet, white anti-bacterial Surface Wipes are safe and easy to use and help meet HACCP standards. Each wipe measures approximately 120 x 150 mm and is designed for one-time...

carton of 100 single sachet probe wipes

These convenient, single sachet, white anti-bacterial Probe-Wipes are safe and easy to use. Each wipe measures approximately 60 x 30mm and is designed for one-time use. The single sachet wipes are sold...

probe-wipes wall bracket - stainless steel

Anti-bacterial Probe Wipes Wall Bracket / Holder - This stainless steel wall bracket is designed for holding our 180 tubs of anti-bacterial Probe-Wipes. They enable a single tub of 180 wipes to be conveniently positioned...

probe wipes 180 tub x 6

Probe Wipes / Catering Wipes, Six single tubs - each contains 180 blue antibacterial QAC free Probe-Wipes, each wipe measures 130 x 130mm. Convenient and easy to use these anti-bacterial wipes are effective...