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Adjusting Valve for Cans

Description For precise dosing of the active ingredients from the canisters. For 5, 10 and 28 litres.

Pump Dispenser Special

Description For 500 ml WEICON Cleaner S, Brake Cleaner and Rust Remover.

Pump Dispenser

Description For about 500 ml and mineral oil-free WEICON solvent agents.

Pump-Dispenser WPS 1500 with VITON-Seals

Description Refillable plastic sprayer with VITON seal set especially for WEICON Rust Loosener, WEICON W44T and WEICON AT44

Pump-Dispenser WPS 1500

Description WPS 1500 is a 1.5L refillable pump dispenser in which many WEICON Technical Liquids ca be used. The building-up pressure in the fluid container is achieved by pumping pure...

Weicon Dosing Tip

Description For exact, efficient and point-to-point applications of WEICON Contact Adhesives.

Contour Spatula Flexy

Description Versatile use e.g for coating and processing 2C-adhesives. The spatula is perfect for applying adhesives on large or small surfaces. It is made of wear-resistant polyamide.

Primer Applicator

Description For the application of WEICON Primers

Hand Dispenser PE-PP 45

Description The WEICON Hand Dispenser PE-PP 45 is very robust, break-proof, and made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic (polyamide). The dispenser is equipped with a metal transport lever. The modern mixing and...

Helix Mixing Nozzle

Description For Easy-Mix Metal and HT 180

Mixing Nozzles PE-PP

Description For Only Easy-Mix PE-PP 45

Mixing Nozzle Easy-Mix 1:1

Description For all Easy-Mix types (except Metal and HT 180)

Special Piston

Description To convert the dosing Easy-Mix D 50 Easy-Mix PE-PP 45th