Humidity Loggers

Discover our comprehensive collection of humidity loggers designed to meet your precise data logging needs. Whether you're monitoring environmental conditions in a laboratory, warehouse, or manufacturing facility, our range of humidity loggers ensures accurate and reliable data capture.

Our humidity loggers are equipped with state-of-the-art features, including temperature ranges from -20 to 85°C and humidity ranges from 0 to 100%rh. With a resolution of 0.1%rh and 0.1°C, you can trust the precision of your measurements. Each logger features LED indicators that toggle every 6 seconds, providing real-time status updates. Plus, with memory capacities of up to 8000 readings and a battery life of at least two years, you can continuously monitor conditions without interruption.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic with a Biomaster anti-bacterial additive, our loggers are built to withstand harsh environments while maintaining accuracy. Whether you need a standalone humidity logger or one with external sensors, we offer various options to suit your specific requirements.

Invest in the reliability and accuracy of our humidity loggers today to ensure optimal environmental conditions in your facility.