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Mini-Duo No.150

Description The WEICON Mini-Duo No. 150 is a fully-insulated automatic wire stripper for all common flexible and solid conductors. The Mini-Duo No. 150 has an optical length scale from 8...

Duo-Stripper No.200

Description The WEICON Duo-Stripper No. 200 is a combination of cable stripper and wire stripper and brings together the functions of a cable stripper and an automatic wire stripper in...

Duo-Crimp No.300

Description The WEICON Duo-Crimp No. 300 can be used to strip conductors and crimp terminals. The automatic scanning system means that there is no need to adjust to the cable...

Multi-Stripper No.400

Description The WEICON Multi-Stripper No.400 is a universal wire-stripping tool for the following functions: circular cutting, longitudinal cutting, wire stripping, cable stripping and cutting of all common flexible and solid...