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Cockpit Spray

Description WEICON Cockpit Spray is a water-repellent care product for all plastic and rubber parts as well as varnished wood surfaces in motor vehicle interiors. The permanent invisible protective film...


Description WEICON Metal-Fluid is a care and cleaning product for indoor matt and polished surfaces and has an NSF approval. WEICON Metal-Fluid protects, cleans and cares for both metal surfaces...

Hand Protective Foam

Description WEICON Hand Protective Foam forms a grease-free, invisible and waterproof protective film which prevents the most diverse types of contaminants from penetrating the skin and pores. This „invisible glove“...

Belt Dressing Spray

Description WEICON Belt Dressing Spray is a transparent belt coating based on synthetic elastomers for the most diverse types of heavily stressed drive belts. It increases the service life, prolongs...