Repair Sticks

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Weicon Repair Stick Plastic

Description Especially for the permanent repair of plastic components and composite materials with residual elasticity such as window and door frames, panelling and bumper bars. Technical Datasheet EC Safety Datasheet...

Weicon Repair Stick Wood

Description For permanent repairs of wooden parts with residual elasticity and without shrinkage. For the repair of cracks and bore holes, broken out or broken off wooden parts and for...

Weicon Repair Stick Multi Purpose

Description The all-round product for quick, elastic and non-shrink repairs and touch-ups on nearly all surfaces. Repair Stick Multi fills and seals cracks, holes, damages and leaks. It can be...

Weicon Repair Stick Concrete

Description Especially for quick repair and reconditioning of all concrete, stone and ceramic surfaces. Fills and seals cracks and defects on masonry, stone, concrete and ceramic tiles and on bricks,...

Weicon Repair Stick Titanium

Description It is suited for the permanent and wear resistant repair and bonding of metal parts such as tanks and pipelines, aluminium, light metal and injection moulded parts, shafts and...

Weicon Repair Stick Aluminium

Description For the quick and non-rusting repair and bonding of metal parts. For the repair of cracks, holes and leaks in car bodies, gearboxes and tanks, window frames and profiles,...

Weicon Repair Stick Steel

Description It is particularly suited for the fast and high-strength repair and bonding of metal parts and for the patching and sealing of cracks, holes, and leaks in machine parts,...

Weicon Repair Stick Copper

Description The WEICON Repair Stick Copper is suited for the very quick repair (processing time: 3 min.) of cracks and leaks even on damp and wet surfaces such as pipes,...

Weicon Repair Stick Stainless Steel

Description For non-corrosive repair and reconditioning of stainless steel and other rustproof metals, such as those in tanks and containers, filling and packing machines, pipes, lines, pumps and housings. Due...