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Sku: GW01 14 04 01


The hot air hand dryer consists of a  one-piece casing in stainless steel with a polycarbonate grille on  the bottom end and a base,made in ABS plastic, that serves as support for  the volute-nozzle made in flame-retardant thermoplastic.
The base-casing assembly which makes up the hand dryer is fixedto the wall by means of 4 holes with the dimensions for an 8 mm drill bit.

The dryer is operated by an electronic infra-red sensor and it automatically stops after the hands have been withdrawn from the sensor field. The universal brushless motor, locatedin the centre of the volute, produces2680 r/min.The dryer delivers an airflow of4000 l/min (240 m3/h)at a speed of65 km/h.

The air flows as long as the user continues to use it. The dryer has a total power rating of1800W at230V with a maximum consumption of 7.5A. The noise level at a distance of2 metres is60 dB. The protection class against splashing isIPX1.The total measurements of the hot air hand dryer are355x255x148 mm, and its total net weight is3.2kg.The hand dryer model is manufactured by GENWEC WASHROOM S.L