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Sku: GW01 18 04 01


The Hands-in hand dryer hand dryer consists of a compact body of 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel that is mounted against the wall on a carbon steel frame. The frame is fixed to the wall using 5 holes with the dimensions  for  an  8  mm  drill  bit. 

The  dryer  is  operated  by  an  electronic  infra-red  sensor  and  it  automatically  stops  after  the  hands  have  been  withdrawn  from  the  sensor  field  or  after  60  seconds  (vandal-proof disconnection). The air is blown out through a linear matrix of holes for ideal distribution of the air and drying by draggingthe water off the hands. The air temperature is controlled electronically.

It works with a universal brushless type motor, 220-240V, 20,000 r.p.m. The air speed is 342 km/h, which allows drying hands in approximately 10 s. The dryer has a total power rating of 1650W with a maximum consumption of 10A. The noise level at a distance of 2 metres is 75dB.

The total measurements of the hotair hand dryer are 730 x 300 x 230mm. The hand dryer model is manufactured by GENWEC WASHROOM S.L.