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Sku: GW01 15 01 00


The hands‐in hand dryer consists of a compact body of 3 mm ABS that is mounted against the wall on a carbon steel frame. The frame is fixed to the wall using 5 holes with the dimensions for an 8 mm drill bit.

Additionally a security screw is fixed behind the water tank. The dryer is operated by an electronic infra‐red sensor and it automatically stops after the hands have been withdrawn from the sensor field or after 18 seconds  (vandal‐proof  disconnection). 

The  air  is  blown  out  through  a  linear  matrix  of  holes  for  ideal distribution  of  the  air  and  drying  by  dragging  the water  off  the  hands.  Air  temperature  is  controlled automatically. The dryer works with a brushless motor, 220‐240V, 35.000 r.p.m. Air speed is 396 km/h which allows drying hands in approximately 10s. The dryer has a total power rating of 1400W with a máximum consumption of 8A. 

A switch located in one side of the hand dryer offers the possibility of turning off the heating element in order to reduce consumption.  HEPA H 13 filter is included in order to remove 99,95% of particles with a minimum size of 0,3μm. Sound level at a distance of 2m is of 76 dB. Total measures of the hand dryer are 680x300x250 mm, with a total weight of 8,5 kg. The hand dryer model is manufactured by GENWEC WASHROOM S.L