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Sku: GW01 12 02 02


The  hot air hand  dryer consists  of a one-piece casing in 2,5 mmpolished chromealuminium.The base-casing assembly which makes up the hand dryer is fixed to the wall by means of 4 holes with the  dimensions for  an  8  mm  drill  bit.

The  dryer  is operated  by  an  electronic  infra-red  sensor  and  it  automatically  stops  after  the  hands  have  been withdrawn  from  the  sensor  field.The  universal  brushless  motor,  located  in  the centre of the volute, produces23.000 r/minThe dryer delivers an airflow of 2.333 l/min (140 m3/h) at a speed of 230 km/h. The air flows as long as the user continues to use it.

The dryer has a total power rating of 900W at230V with a maximum consumption of 3,9A. The noise level at2 metresis 72 dB. The protection class against splashing is IP22.The total measurements of the hot air hand dryer are287 x 205 x 180 mm, and its   total   net   weight   is 4,5kg.The   hand   dryer   model   is manufactured  by  GENWEC  WASHROOM  S.L.