5 Products To Keep On Board Your Boat

5 Products To Keep On Board Your Boat

by Industry Superstore on November 24, 2021 Categories: Blog

Which handy products should you be keeping on board?

    1. Sealing screwed-on windows - Flex 310 M® 2 K MS-Polymer:

      The goal of screwed-in window sealant is to keep water out, not to glue the panes together. Flex 310 M® 2 K MS-Polymer is a combination of silicone and polyurethane. It is a one-component, one-step, permanently elastic construction adhesive based on a hybrid polymer basis.

        2. Sealing mechanical deck fittings - Flex 310 PU Polyurethane:

          Flex 310 PU Polyurethane sealant is also great. Because it is resistant against fresh and saltwater as well as weak acids and alkalis.

            3. Cleaning – BigWipes:

              These are very useful at a boatyard or wherever water is scarce. BigWipes are precisely developed to remove wet and semi-cured paint, sealer, glue, and other compounds from hands, tools, and surfaces.

                4. Lubricating screws and deck gear – Top Lube:

                  A fantastic all-purpose lubricant and versatile spray that is pressure-resistant and water-resistant.

                    5. Quick fixes – Mounting Tape:

                      This all-purpose tape sticks to smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco, brick, metal, and vinyl.