Practical Steps For Flooding

Practical Steps For Flooding

by Industry Superstore on January 27, 2022 Categories: Blog
Prepare a flood plan and a kit that includes waterproof clothing, a portable radio, a torch, batteries for both, essential documents such as a passport, driver's licence, and insurance policies, waterproof blankets (those vacuum under bed storage bags are ideal), nonperishable food, and your phone and charger.

If you are unfortunate enough to get flooded, you should do the following:

• Turn off the gas and power.

We'd also want to advise some practical steps:

Make it easy for rain to drain. Clear the gutters and clean up any debris in the drains, such as moss and leaves. Even if you are not at risk of flooding in general, this may prevent water from backing up and entering your home via airbricks.

• Keep absorbent materials on hand to build bunds in vulnerable areas.

• Clean up any rubbish in yards and parking lots that might be pulled into and obstruct drains.

• Always have a supply of sandless bags on hand.

• Go through your insurance policy to be sure you know what you're covered for — and, more importantly, what you're not. Think about upgrading your cover as well.

• Finally, consider the most vulnerable individuals of the community and be prepared to support them.

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